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    Hi, I'd like to drop a waypoint on my saved gpx file/map, but i cannot locate the area id like to drop the waypoint. I only know it by address/gps coordinates. Is there a way to enter in GPS Coordinates for the waypoint? Instead of looking on the map and clicking where you want to create the waypoint?

    I'd like to create waypoint and enter gps coordinates or an address for my waypoint instead of looking on the map and dragging the waypoint to its destination.

    For example, lets say i am following a route/track and i want to create a waypoint for a camping site that is off the route/trail. I want to enter in the address or gps coordinates of the camping site into my waypoint, so i can see where the waypoint is, and how far off the route/track it is. This will allow me to leave my route/trail and head towards the campsite. If i could locate the campsite on the amp i would just drop the waypoint visually. But i cannot find my camp site on the map, i would need to enter in gps coords or the address of the campsite. So i wanted to open up my gpx, look at the map of my route/track, then create a waypoint, enter in the address or gps coordinates for the waypoint and save it.  

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I achieved this using Gaia GPS on my Mobile, but not on

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    Ashli Baldwin


    There isn't a way to add a waypoint using coordinates on right now, sorry about that. You can do that in the app and it will upload to the website automatically. Also, I think that we will add this ability in the near future, but I don't have an ETA for that right now.

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    The ability to enter waypoint via coordinates is essential online, otherwise is completely useless to those who use it to find extremely specific locations.

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    This would be very helpful indeed - for planning trips ahead of time.

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    I'll piggy-back to what's already been said.  Being able to manually add coordinates for a waypoint was the first thing I tried to do as a new user.  Very fundamental feature that I hope gets added.

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    Agreed.  I need to ability to go to specified coordinates (e.g. 39.6524,-105.14818) and create a waypoint at those coordinates.

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    can't use gps coordinates to enter waypoints?  disappointed.  Have to download a freebie gps package to build routes, then download to Gaia.  But we paid for Gaia...

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    Ashli Baldwin


    You can enter waypoints as coordinates in the app with 5 different coordinate formats, and they'll sync directly to your account on, too. 


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    does Gaia plan to integrate the web function and app? right now, you can enter coordinates in the app, but not on the web page. you can change symbol on the web but not in the app. Would like to know if there is a way to do both entering coordinates and modifying symbol on the same platform. 


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    Custom waypoint icons edited on do not persist to the Android app (maybe they do for IOS). Is there a plan to fix that?

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    The ability to add/edit waypoints by coordinates is essential and best done on a computer. The "apps" are fine for use in the field, but for trip planning they are very cumbersome. Trip planning, being data intensive, requires a keyboard and mouse. For many of my waypoints, all I have are coordinates. I know the general vicinity where they are, but they need to be pinpointed. Being 100ft off makes the difference between finding a specific mineral deposit or only finding sagebrush, especially when the deposit has been covered over during winter water flows.

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    This is still missing and is an essential feature.  Started a year ago. Please add the ability to add the waypoints using coordinates on the website, so much easier and then I can use them in the app when I am in the field.



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    I would like to be able to make a file (like KML) with all of my waypoints and then import/upload them to have them setup as a map layer in this app.  Is there any way to do this?

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    Yes, you can create a custom map layer based on all your waypoints through Mapbox Studio and then import the layer to Gaia GPS by following the steps in this article: Transforming GPX or KML files into a Custom Map Source in Gaia GPS.

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    Please add this basic feature. 

    Like many others, I wouldn't have purchased if I had realized Gaia lacked such basic trip planning functionality.  I realize there are workarounds, but we shouldn't need workarounds.

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