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    By "Manage" I'd think that would mean, Add, Organize, and Delete. This article covers Adding and Organizing map data but I haven't found anything about deleting tiles once they are no longer needed.

    Also, There is no discussion about where the maps are stored - that is, are they "attached" the the Gaia app so if I delete the Gaia app, its maps will go away too.

    This is an issue because of your new version. I was told that in order to get my current maps into the new version, I first had to synch/save them up to your cloud, then download/import/synch them to the new version.

    Which I've done - so the question is, do I now have duplicate maps on my iPad - one set for the old Gaia GPS app and a duplicate set for the New Gaia GPS app?

    I would expect a "Manage your Maps" topic would answer that.


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    Ashli Baldwin


    I think you might be confusing map sources and map downloads.

    Once you download a map, you can find it in your saved menu.

    Here is how to delete saved data:

    The maps are saved in the app, but if you 'sync' your data to the web, they are backed-up there -- that is how you can share them across multiple devices, or recover them if something happens to your iPad.

    The website is like the master plan for all of your data -- so there won't be a duplicate of your maps and it is just sharing the same map to both devices.



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    Is it possible to add a layer of a shape file? I work for a land trust and want to have the shape file of a protected property (or one that's about to be conserved) to compare the boundaries with my tracks and waypoints.

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    Yes, it is possible to use a shapefile to build a custom map and then import it into Gaia GPS. You will need to use a third party software called Mapbox Studio to host your map. Check out this article to learn more about importing custom maps:

    If you have any questions about creating a custom map from the shapefile, please feel free to contact me at

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    I am not sure if this is how I ask questions but when I try to use a satellite view of an area and I zoom in in automatically changes back to the map view rather than satellite. Is this just a function of the app? I am using the app on an IPhone 7.

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    Please check your email for more information on this.

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