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    How do you view the elevation profile for a saved route? I'd like to track elevation while riding...

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Here are instructions to find the elevation profile for a saved track or route:

    There isn't a way to display a live elevation profile while riding, but you can vote on the feature idea for that here:

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    Is there a way to get the specific mile marker for a given point on a route? I have a route I've created, and want to find out at what milepoint various potential camp locations are.

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    I have the same question as jacobnigro90:  Is there an easy way to add evenly-spaced points/waypoints/markers to a route?

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    @jacobnigro90 & @steverohde

    Yes, you can use the Distance Markers & Notifications feature to add specific mile markers to your route. When the "Markers" option is on, blue dots will be added to all of your routes at the interval you selected.

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