Export Tracks and Waypoints to GPX or KML via Email, Dropbox, etc.




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    Am I reading this correct. - I need to export tracks and waypoints one at a time? Say it ain't so. Not a whole lot of reasons to purchase a subscription if I can't save my data as trips and export in en masse.

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    You can export your data in bulk by:
    1. File the data into a folder (Android/Web)
    2. Sync your device gaiagps.com
    3. Export the folder from gaiagps.com

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    Tyig a mobile app to a desktop is just plain wrong. I often manage my tracks and waypoints on hikes at the end of the day while things are still fresh in my head. If I create 20 new waypoints and want to move them to a specific folder I have to do this one by one. And if I have a long list of other existing tracks and waypoints I have to do the management by repeatedly scrolling to the middle of a LOOONG list that is seemingly arranged in no particular order.

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