Import Non-Georeferenced Maps into Gaia GPS




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    This is awesome! I just followed these instructions and converted an out-of-print topo map of a remote African mountain into Gaia GPS on my iPhone. I've wanted to do that for years! However, I can't seem to find any way to download my new map layer for offline I missing something?

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Matt,

    You can follow the same steps to download your custom map source as you would for any other map in the app. If you have trouble with that, click 'submit a request' above and someone from the support team can definitely help you out!

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    Thanks for the excellent instructions. I just warped an Army Corps of Engineers map of a local trail at Canyon Lake, TX. The USGS Topo doesn't show the trail, which winds around and is very faint and confusing in places. This map will help keep me on track!

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    This is mucho terrific! Excellent instructions and perfect for some tile layers I've built.  Thank You!

     Is there a way in GaiaGPS to add these tile sources as Overlays instead of Layers?

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    Thanks so much for these great instructions! I was able to input the Spring Creek Horse Trail (Allegheny National Forest) map. Now a rider will know precisely where they are on a trail and if there are any questionable sections of trail, a rider will know if they have veered off course.

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