Individual Offline Map Tile Limits




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    When attempting to download multiple Mapbox Aerial sections ,10k tiles at a time :( ,  I was surprised to learn I am only permitted 160k Mapbox tiles total for offline use, per account not device. 160K tiles is not that large of an area, especially at a higher resolution like 16. I purchased 5 years of a subscription primarily for the excellent aerial maps. I have no internet connection at my house. Now, I have to drive into town for the Starbucks wifi every time I want to move an online map to my device? And then wait for hours and hours with the extremely slow transfer speed? This forces me to delete other MapBox maps that I need and choose which Mapbox maps are MOST important while deleting the rest. This Mapbox limitation is not prominently made known in the advertising but rather discreetly hidden. This is not fair to your users.

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    Thanks for your feedback and I have edited this article to highlight the combined tile limit for MapBox sources.

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