How do I Contact Gaia GPS Support?




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    Hi...while driving and using my Samsung 10.1" pad the map disappears about eight miles from my starting point.   This happens in any direction I go.  The map stays gone even if I stop. The map tracks good and records a trail but soon disappears into a small grid pattern.  The car icon keeps tracking on a blank page. 

    When I get home and check the map and scroll the map I find it's all there.  Bottom line it won't do a continuous track on a visual map while moving. 

    Got any ideas...any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks....Allyn Busch

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    Thanks for posting - it sounds like your map downloads may not have finished. Can you try following these steps to verify your downloads are complete:

    Verify Offline Map Downloads

    If your downloads have finished, can you click 'Submit Request' above to contact support directly and let us know the map source you are using?

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