View the Status of Offline Map Downloads




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    Instructions for checking map downloads does not match what appears on my android phone screen. 



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    I'm sorry you had trouble checking your downloads.

    Can you check to make sure you have the most recent version of Gaia GPS from the Google Play Store?

    If you are still unable to view the status of your map downloads, please click 'Submit a Request' above to contact the support team so we can continue to troubleshoot.

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    This is NOT how this looks or works on Android.
    Yes, I have the latest version.

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    I'm sorry you had trouble finding the downloads status screen. I responded to your email recently. If you're still having trouble with this, please send me a few screen captures of what you see and I can definitely help get that sorted. 

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    This is quite the obscure way to view download progress.  Why not show the download progress in the notification's content text?  Or show the progress when clicking on a 'saved' map that is still being downloaded?  That would be way more intuitive.

    It's also confusing that while a map is currently being downloaded, you are still given the option to 'Resume download.'

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    These instructions worked for me.  Thank you.  But I must say, from a user interface standpoint, this was done badly in the app and should be improved.  This method of getting to the progress indication is obscure and non-obvious, not intuitive.  I would expect the "Saved" -> "All" view to also show the progress percentage, not just that there's an ongoing download that's not yet complete.  And I would also expect that in the "Downloading" notification in the android status bar.  Having to dig to get to this obscure end point just to get a progress percentage indication is poor design.  I would never have found it without searching for these instructions.

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