Why GPS Track Recording Can Be Inaccurate




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    Being able to set the sampling rate/interval would help users decrease the errors.  If one is traveling slowly, a slower sampling rate (longer interval) helps avoid the bouncing around errors that add extra distance. Shorter sample rates are important when one is moving faster in order to catch all the undulations in trails.  This is a critical feature.  Please reconsider your stance on it.


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    the tracks on the map you show in the article illustrate well why your distances are consistently longer, sometimes by alot, than the 3 other tracking programs (all free versions, by the way) i use.  jblacksciencesvcs makes a very good suggestion that would help.  also a look at the  track on the right hand map clearly shows that your smoothing algorithm is not doing its job. 

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    The track on the right shows a device with a poor GPS connection. If you're experiencing tracks like that, please click 'Submit a Request' to send a message to support so that someone can help.

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