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    I would like to be able to upload several different related files into one folder, but is there really no way to do this?! When I upload several .gpx files and specify the same folder name for each upload, it creates several folders all of the same name, each containing one file/track. I would expect it to upload several files into one folder, as the whole point of a folder is to group things together. If I don't specify a folder name, it places the file in its own folder anyway, named after the file name.They all get their own folder, which is really not helpful. Also, you can't MOVE the file out of its initial folder into a new one. Also, the upload feature only lets you select one file at a time. I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out a way to get this feature to work as expected, and the help file does not help. I am on a Mac, and my use case (which I think is pretty common) is trying to upload a large route that has been broken down by the route organizer into several different .gpx files. Is there another way to manage this situation?

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    I'm sorry for the frustration. I agree this would be a helpful feature to have on and we have an internal feature request to improve uploading files to existing folders.

    For now, once your files finish uploading, you can move all of them into a folder at the same time by:

    1. Open the My Routes/My Tracks page on depending on the files
    2. Select the all of the data that was just imported
    3. Click the File to Folder option


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    Thanks so much for the kind response Nathan ^! That does help a lot for now. I love using Gaia maps in general, and would love to see it get even better.

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