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    Well, I've spent hours trying to figure out how to download my map and then to print it. According to the above directions I have multiple versions of the intended map, but I don't have the 3 circles. I am logged into my Gia Pro Account. The map, with the route that I painstakingly marked shows up on the main map, but I can't find the 3 circles on the top right of the screen (iPhone). Instead I have the layers icon there. Using Gaia Topo, btw. As far as I can tell this is an utterly worthless app. If I can't use it in my house, it sure won't do me any good in the wilderness.

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    I think your frustration is differentiating between downloading a map and printing a map.

    You "download" a map to your mobile device for use where there is no cellular data service or if you wish to have the mobile device in "airplane" mode to conserve power.

    You "print" a paper map (or save as a pdf) from using a laptop or other "desktop" device. 

    I'm not affiliated with GAIA, but have been a heavy user of the premium version.  I use it weekly to lead hikes and backpacking trips.  Yes, I both print and download maps, additionally GAIA is an invaluable tool when planning emergency exits, or extractions, when the unexpected happens and you are miles from anywhere.

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    Thanks, jpurdy. I have actually tried both functions. Something is downloading now, so maybe I'm making progress, but holy cow is it taking a long time. When I tried to print I got a bunch of blank pages with more or less website gibberish.

    I would like to have the map downloaded to the phone for use in airplane mode and I'd also like to print the map as backup because, you never know....


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    Depending on the length of the route, the number of map layers, the resolution of the downloaded map and the size of the map box will all be a factor in the length of time it takes to download to your mobile device - along with the connection speed.  There is also the "download map along route" option which is "one click", therefore you do not need to select a map box, meaning GAIA pads the route for you.


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    Offline Maps

    It sounds like you may be using the classic version of Gaia GPS instead of the new version with the gold border which is shown in this article.

    To verify your offline maps in the classic version of Gaia GPS, you will need to follow these steps. I'm sorry for the confusion.


    I have opened a bug report for the printing issue you mentioned so we can take a closer look. In the meantime, I recommend using Chrome to print your maps.

    If you have other questions, please click 'Submit a Request' above to contact the support team directly and we'd be happy to help.


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