Hiding Tracks on Personal Map



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    You can file all of your tracks into a folder and use the Green Eye icon to hide/show the filed data on the main map.

    - First, add your last season's tracks and route to a folder (Android/iOS)

    - Then navigate to your saved folder and tap the Green Eye to hide its content (Android/ iOS)

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    Thanks Robyn!

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    This morning I am recovering from deleting my GaisGPS app, and reinstalling so that I could move my data dir to my SD card. But I seem to have executed some confusing steps along the way.

    This morning I created a 25k bike route on the desktop, and later tried to verify it on the Note 4. To my surprise, it was the wrong color. So I checked it on the phone. Yup, right color. Puzzled, I zoomed out, to find that there were lots of routes displayed, yet not in my list. Poking around, I 'discovered' that Hide Filed routes was apparently checked. I might have done that without realizing. THERE IS NO CLUE. I didn't even know what to expect when I clicked All on the menu, because AFAIWC, I /was/ seeing them all. Not so.

    Here is the rub. They were displayed on the map, but hidden in the list. And when I displayed All, then I saw that the eye was enabled.

    There needs to be a) visual feedback that we are in a filtered mode, and b) I guess that if I have hidden Filed items, maybe they should not appear on the map.

    When I disabled viewing all those routes, I saw that my new route was indeed the correct color...it was overwritten by an older route that I didn't know was viewable.

    I guess that there is also a request active to hide certain folders, not all or none.

    Edit 20190417a: Just reread Robyn's post, and realized I had misread it. We can already hide folders, and when I did that, it hid the routes in the folders that I didn't want to see.

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