Display (or Hide) Your Tracks and Routes on the Map




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    This is helpful, but is there a way to select / deselect all tracks / routes with one action? The above method is too time consuming. I'd like the ability to deselect all tracks, then select individual ones.

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    Currently, you cannot hide tracks and routes all at once but I can see how adding the option to toggle the visibility of all saved tracks and routes would be a good addition and have created an internal feature request for this.

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    How can I get the map to show up on facebook when I try to put it there.  It gives a blank page that has to be clicked on to see the map.  I notice others are able to get their maps to show up right away.  No need to click on anything.


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    I'm sorry there is an issue with the map when sharing your tracks to Facebook.

    I've sent you a follow-up email with more information.

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