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    I can't get partial downloads to resume. Tapping the "resume" button does nothing. Good wifi connection. I have endless frustrations with this app and downloads and find myself recreating work far, far too often.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi flifton,

    I'm sorry you had trouble completing map downloads.

    I've created a support ticket on your behalf and someone from the team will be in contact shortly.

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    Does this feature exist on android too? I don't see anything like this currently on my android app.

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    Yes, it is possible to pause and resume offline map downloads in the Android version of Gaia GPS. Click here for more information on how this is done in the Android app.

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    I am having issues completing map downloads.

    I've set up multiple spots I want to have downloaded all the time, with plenty of space on my iPad Mini and i have internet wifi of 300mbps, (150mbps on a slow day).  Some of these are downloading at like 30mbps, then go down to 500kbps, and then stop-without finishing. 

    So i stop it, close the app, open it up, start one up, it starts "downloading" and then at some point stops again.    SO i have multiple map sections that are in queue to download that are all stopped, and I"m tring to do just one at at time, but each time it fails and won't resume properly.



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    I'm sorry you are having an issue downloading offline maps on your iPad.

    Can you click the “Submit a Request” and include the names of the maps you are having an issue downloading?

    Also, is there an error message displayed on the details page for the offline maps? If so, please include this information in your message to support.

    • open Gaia GPS > Saved > tap on the offline map that is not downloading

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