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    I don't understand the purpose of an area in Giai.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Steph - An area measures acreage and it's also helpful to those using Gaia for Search and Rescue or Wildland Firefighting to define search or work areas.

    Since you can download maps for an area - some people also use it primarily for that, because they like defining the area to download instead of using the normal box shape. 


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    You should show how to do it on your website because I followed along and I cannot do it on my Android phone using the directions you provided. Is this feature only available on iphones? If so it would be helpful to clarify that at the beginning. 

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    Ashli Baldwin


    I'm sorry for the confusion. Areas are not available on Android right now - I've updated the beginning of the article to reflect that. 

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    Hi Ashli,

    Is there an estimated time for when areas will be available for Android?


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    I agree, this would be a much more useful product if it would calculate area on android. Are there any steps being taken to make this available?


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    I created a long somewhat rectangular area stretching from NW to SE direction and then downloaded the map for the area. However, the system has gone ahead and downloaded a squarish area containing all corners of the rectangular area. 

    What am I missing, or is it the new behaviour? Based on what your explanation above, this is not how it should have downloaded consuming far more space on my device.

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    Sorry for the confusion, as it is not possible to download a partial map tile.

    The extent of the offline map download beyond the borders of the defined area is based on the size of the tiles and the max zoom level selected.

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