Preminum user wants MVUM forest maps




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    I've tried to follow the instructions to download a Forest Service MVUM but none of the click this and click that are shown in the instructions appear to show up on my Premium subscription.  Why is this happening?

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    I can download a MVUM to my device but getting it into Gaia falls flat.  Frustrated by the user interface is an understatement.

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    Ashli Baldwin


    I'm sorry you are having trouble getting the MVUM Map set up on your phone.

    I will walk you through each step.

    1) Follow the steps listed here to add and view this map source to your layers list:

    You will find this map source under Premium Overlays section.

    2) Once the map is added to your layers list, set it to visible.

    The video in the linked help article will show you how to do both steps 1 & 2. 

    3) Keep in mind that this map will only be visible in USFS areas, so make sure to pan the map to an appropriate location.

    4) Now you are ready to download a map! Follow the steps here to start your download:

    If you have any trouble with that, please send a note to, and we can definitely help.

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