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    "Dots" in corner of map that allow it to be manipulated should be bigger and more obvious. 

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    Are there sometimes issues with big map files? I was downloading 2 layers at 1200mb total. The last information I saw was progress at 37% When I came back an hour later it was no longer informing me of the download percentage but was still downloading. After another hour or two I tried to delete the file and start over, but pressing the delete button does nothing. The phone is an XT1068 Motorola. I noticed an issue with downloaded files (onto an sd card used as internal storage which I use with all apps l) in another app (Spotify) after this event. Still trying to figure out how to fix it. Possibly deleting and reinstalling Gaia?

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    Can you let me know if moving the root folder for Gaia GPS back to your device's internal storage allows your downloads to complete? If so, this may be a speed issue with your SD card. Here is the SD card we use and recommend.

    There is an open bug report for the app hanging when deleting an offline map and I have included your information in the investigation. Some users have reported that force closing and re-opening Gaia GPS resolves the issue.

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    FYI, this is not available in the free app - gotta pay to download a map.

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    I have subscribed to the basic version of Gaia GPS.  I am planning a rough hike in Utah to reflection canyon in a few months, and wonder how the app performs when there is no GPS signal available?  I will be downloading a pre-made route through the app from another Gaia user, but im wondering how the app will know if I am actually following the route if the GPS location on my phone does not work out there in the desert.   Do I need my location turned on my phone for the app to work?  If so, can I actually follow the pre-made route if I have no service?

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    • How does the app perform when there is no GPS signal available?

    You can still view your routes, waypoints, and any offline maps that have been download without a GPS signal.

    • Do I need my location turned on my phone for the app to work?

    No, you can use Gaia GPS without your Location Services turned on; however, a GPS signal is required to view your current location in the app or record a track.

    • Can I actually follow the pre-made route if I have no service?

    Yes. By using the Download Along Route feature before your trip, you can download an offline map that follows your route and view the offline map of your route even if you do not have a cellular or GPS signal.

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    Thanks Nathan.  So it sounds like to me that I can view my map and waypoints that I have created, however I wont really know exactly where I am on that route that I have built/downloaded from another user unless I have GPS signal.  Correct me if I am wrong. 


    Also, the "download along route feature" sounds like it basically records/tracks my path as I am hiking.  Wont that also require GPS signal to know where I am to build a track?

    I just dont want to leave it to chance that we lose GPS signal as we are hiking through the desert and then get lost.  I know there are probably more reliable GPS devices out there than my personal cell phone.  Does the Gaia App feed into devices such as garmin handheld?

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    I won't really know exactly where I am on that route that I have built/downloaded from another user unless I have GPS signal
    Correct, you will need a GPS signal to view your location on the map.

    Download Along Route
    This feature downloads an offline map for your route and provides 1-2 miles of coverage on either side of the route.

    You will want to complete this before your trip, while still connected to WiFi or cell service.

    To track your hike as you move, use the 'record' button. This also requires a GPS signal.

    Does the Gaia App feed into devices such as Garmin handheld?

    No, but if you are concerned about the GPS capabilities of your device, you can get a Bad Elf external GPS receiver, which will feed additional GPS data to your phone and to Gaia GPS.

    Bluetooth GPS devices will give you a slightly more accurate reading, but I typically find that the GPS signal provided by my iPhone is sufficient for all my hikes. I do typically suggest bringing a backup paper map in the event that something happens to your phone.

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    I assume one cannot download or que offline map downloads with the web based program and then have it in pending on the device, correct?

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    Currently, selecting the download area is not available on the web but I can see how this would be a useful tool. Although, you are able to send map downloads for parks and trails that you search for with the 'Send to App' feature.

    Check out this article to learn more

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