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    "Dots" in corner of map that allow it to be manipulated should be bigger and more obvious. 

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    Are there sometimes issues with big map files? I was downloading 2 layers at 1200mb total. The last information I saw was progress at 37% When I came back an hour later it was no longer informing me of the download percentage but was still downloading. After another hour or two I tried to delete the file and start over, but pressing the delete button does nothing. The phone is an XT1068 Motorola. I noticed an issue with downloaded files (onto an sd card used as internal storage which I use with all apps l) in another app (Spotify) after this event. Still trying to figure out how to fix it. Possibly deleting and reinstalling Gaia?

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    Can you let me know if moving the root folder for Gaia GPS back to your device's internal storage allows your downloads to complete? If so, this may be a speed issue with your SD card. Here is the SD card we use and recommend.

    There is an open bug report for the app hanging when deleting an offline map and I have included your information in the investigation. Some users have reported that force closing and re-opening Gaia GPS resolves the issue.

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    FYI, this is not available in the free app - gotta pay to download a map.

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