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    I've tried this, but it doesn't seem to work! First it takes a (very) long time before my Iphone had calculated the download size for the maps, and then the 'lightest' version I can download is still 22GB! Am I doing someting wrong?

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    Ashli Baldwin

    robtexel, it looks like you have a very long route -- the entire continental divide trail. For this, you may not be able to download the whole route at once.

    I suggest following the steps here to manually download map sections:

    If you run low on space on your device, here is information about archiving maps that you don't immediately need:

    You can un-archive your maps when you need them.

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    Hi Ashli, it sort of worked to download the maps, had to lower the zoom rate though. Hope this still gives enough detail to find my way along the route! Thanks for your help!

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    if I download maps for a track, is there any way to confirm that they are there or view them?

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    Yes, you can verify your offline maps have downloaded by following these steps:

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