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    Ashli Baldwin
    Thanks for your questions!
    Any issues with using GPS in airplane mode, ios 11.2.5?
    No, airplane mode should work fine.  

    What maps are available for offline use for the various wildlife parks in Kenya, and I guess for Nairobi?  (I assume that I need to be a premium member to load those and to use them offline, right?)

    Click the Layers button, then Add Map Sources to find more.
    Non-Premium Maps in the area include Gaia topo, Satellite, and OpenHikingMap HD to name a few.
    With a Premium Membership, you'd get access to ESRI World Imagery, and MapBox Outdoors HD and a few others which are also available in the area. 

    How can I offload gpx tracks in the field.  Is there a way to get them from my phone to dropbox when I have wifi?

    You can export your track as a GPX or KML file - and copying the file to Dropbox is one of the available options. Here are instructions to export:
    Copying a track to Dropbox does require WiFi.

    I plan to use gpx tracks for geotagging photos, with lightroom.  Usually, that's straightforward.  Any gotchas that I should be aware of?


    Your photos will become associated with a waypoint each time you create them - but to export the photos with geotagging, you should follow these steps (before taking any photos):

    1. In Gaia GPS, turn on "Save to Photo Library" from (Settings > Other).
    2. This will save a copy of each photo you take in Gaia GPS to your iPhone camera roll, and save the geo-tag as part of the photo meta data. 
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