Absolutely horrible performance and user experience




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    Paid user here.  First time back to the website in about 8 months and the WEB experience is terrible.  Laggy/slow/buggy. 

    Specific problem experienced: Creating a route with 7 waypoints caused the entire window (map, route, etc) to blank.  Chromium browser, if that matters.

    The speed of this site makes it seem as if the server is starved for bandwidth.

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    Chris Hill

    Hello all. A few different things are being asked here so I'll respond to each separately.

    @AJ - Correct. Currently, a new folder is created when uploading. We're working on a project to allow uploading directly to a previously created folder though.

    Are you using the app or the website? I recommend using the web to upload when possible. More info here: Import files to gaiagps.com.

    @djh999gc - Yes, The website is running a bit slow right now. Sorry for the trouble. We are in the process of updating our database to fix this. You should expect to see performance increase over the next few days as we continue to make improvements, but you may still run into the occasional error in the meantime.

    We will reach back out once the updates have been completed.
    Sorry for the hassle.

    If either of you have any other issues or would like a refund on your membership, contact support and we'll get you taken care of.

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