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    I love the app, I really do. But I find it annoying that I have to come to this post to look at the legends when I am planning, and even worse that I really can't find legends when in the field. Since each layer has different legend, will there be a development whereby we can access the legend in the field, you know, when you need it? Each is so different, it's hard to remember which Gaia trail is which, alongside understanding NFS trails, MVUM, etc. 

    Or am I blatantly missing something? 

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    Thanks for posting - we definitely understand the importance of having this information readily available.

    We are currently working to add them to the iOS app so you will be able to view the map legend by tapping 'i' in the bottom corner of the map screen.

    If you would like to become a beta tester and try this addition out before it is released. Follow these steps to join the Beta program:

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    is there a way to change the city names to be written in our letters, and not for exaple in cyrillic or arabic?

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    While you're not able to adjust the lettering for maps, some map sources come translated. I recommend trying out:
    - Terrain HD
    - Transport HD
    - Mobile Altas HD

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    Can we have a PDF version to download and refer to while we are on the road with no connectivity?

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    Just to nudge you along, tipping the scale toward me getting a premium membership would be Gaia making the legends/keys for National Geographic Trail maps available and somehow attached to the map download for android (though it seems like you are trying to figure that out now). I would like, for instance, the difficulty rating of each of the myriad of trials to be easily accessed.

    Perhaps, as the difficulty rating is a key factor for me, rather than (or in addition to) a number on each trail that has to be cross referenced with the legend, there could be a simple 'e' or 'm' or 'd' symbol beside the trail to indicate easy, moderate, difficult. That would seem, to this layman, like a line or two of code in the software to make that happen, but I recognize that everything is always more complicated than it seems.

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    Thanks for posting. You can save this help center article as a PDF by:

    - In your browser, select File> Print> Select save as PDF instead of selecting a printer.



    While we aren't able to add markings to the NatGeo Trails Illustrated map, you can use the Discover tab in the app to find hikes based on difficulty level.

    Tap the Discover icon in the bottom center of the app> Tap Filter and select the difficulty level you would like to search for.

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    I can't seem to locate the legends page in the app. Can you direct me to where it is? If it isn't available in the app can it be added? Most places I go I don't have wifi or cell coverage so everything must be preloaded.

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    Map legends on Android are available through the Help Center section of the app:

    • Open the app> Settings> Help> User Manual and Support> Search Map Legends

    Although, you will need cell service to view it. 

    I can definitely see how this would be valuable information to have while offline. For now, you can save this the legends you need for offline by right-clicking the image> Save Image and save it to your phone. 

    If you have any questions, send a note to - we are happy to help. 

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