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    I'm sorry for the trouble. 

    Sharing a folder will send an email to the user you want to add to the folder. Once they open that email there should be a link that says "Join". If they click that link, it should add the folder to their account.

    They should also get a notification in the app. If they tap the ✔​ in the banner that pops up in the Saved menu they will be given access to the folder. 

    You can see who has joined successfully in the app by opening the folder and tapping the Share Settings icon (person with a plus sign). 

    If a user did not receive an invitation, or can't find the invite email, you can resend the invitation by selecting that user from the Share Settings menu and tapping "Revoke Invitation", then follow the original steps to share the folder again. 

    You can find more information and instructions for managing shared folders in these articles: 

    If you have any further questions or run into issues, please email and we will take a closer look.

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