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    Chris Hill

    Hey all. Thank you for this request, but I have to pop in to let you know that this isn't currently possible. More info from Andrew below:

    It turns out this request is currently impossible - Google does not allow 3rd party navigation apps in Android Auto (only Google Maps, Waze, and non-navigation apps from 3rd parties are allowed). When it become possible, we will seriously consider building it! Google is currently being sued over this it seems like from media reports: 

    Please note we did just have a huge Android release:

    2020 is going to be a sweet year for Gaia GPS Android, we're investing big in Android dev now. The Android team is growing, and the "vector maps" release in that blog post I linked above lays foundation to let us do a bunch of new features.


    CEO, Gaia GPS


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    Same here! I have a Jeep Wrangler, with a last gen car stereo with android auto, but can´t use Gaia!

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    I back this request

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    I just saw that this policy has now changed. Would love to have Gaia on my dash!


    edit: looks like this has already been discussed in another thread. Looking forward to future developments!

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