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    Ashli Baldwin


    You can import custom maps to the app, but not directly. If you have your maps in .mbtiles format, I think the best option is to upload them to MapBox Studio, and then follow the steps here to transfer the uploaded map to Gaia GPS.

    Big News - New Gaia GPS App

    Also, I have some exciting news. We just released a new Gaia GPS app. You can read about the new app on our blog, and I think you'll like the upgrade - we made tremendous improvements in how Gaia GPS works on many levels.

    As an existing Gaia GPS user, you'll get an extended free usage period with the new Gaia GPS (between 30 days and 2 years free). The more recently you bought Gaia GPS, the longer the free usage period, on a sliding scale.

    When you download the new app, login with your existing, and Gaia GPS will download all of your data and maps.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know. It'd also be great to hear your feedback on the new app.

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