Gaia destroyed my folder structure...


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    Update: spent quite a few hours restoring my folder structure (putting each waypoint, track, route into its intended folder and then putting the folder into its intended parent folder - anyone who has used the desktop UI knows how tedious this can be in Gaia)

    Then, yesterday as I was planning another trip, it happened again....after adding 15 or so waypoints for a new trip, I selected them at the top level, and tried to move them to a "Create New Folder". And disaster struck again:

    The desktop app, slow in the best of times, went away spinning for quite a while (I checked with other apps, I did not lose internet connectivity while I was waiting) and eventually I got a bunch of raw HTML with some error messages barfed into a (what looked like unintended) DIV tag inside the "Manage Folders" popout pane on the right.

    After that, I knew the news was bad: once again all my items (waypoints, routes, tracks, child folders) were disgorged into the new folder, leaving the other two top level folders empty (I have "Past Trips" and "Future Trips" top level folders)

    And everything else was in the newly created folder (not just the items I selected). Any child folders had their contents recursively flattened, every one of over a thousand items now in the new folder. 

    This is kind of a catastrophic user-data corruption bug.

    For an app that has as its main differentiating features over competitors like OnX its trip planning functionality (along with the always excellent map layers) having this feature fail so badly - and apparently quite easily - is pretty bad.

    I don't know of any way to "back up" my whole Gaia saved items structure (I am sure there are way too many items to load back into Gaia even if I were able to export and gpx/kml lose data round tripping) So you are up the data creek without a working paddle.

    FYI this was on the web app version on a Mac (OS 13.0.1) with Safari (16.1) 



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