Meshtastic LoRa Support - Buddy Tracking/Group Ride



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    I meant to mention in the original post, but there's an existing feature request for APRS support, which has similar use cases and probably similar functionality requirements.

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    100% agree with you on this request!

    They refuse to do APRSdroid because they say it's too niche, but this could be used on both Apple and Android; and doesn't require users to be licensed. And a Meshtastic device costs less than $30.

    As annoyed as I've been by their refusal to even consider implementing the single most requested (by a looooooong shot) feature, I feel like Meshtastic would be an even better solution, and I'd pretty much forget about APRSdroid at that point. Meshatastic has a much lower barrier for entry, and a lot more potential, IMHO.

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    That would be great! Even tho ATAK is a powerful tool, it is tricky and need a lot of management. Integrating Meshtastic to GAIA would be a big plus to who they are targeting as customers in the first place.

    I am also one of those that requested APRSDroid. I would be ready to let go of it if Meshtastic was implemented. Finger crossed

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