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    The speed can vary greatly depending on what map source you are using, the area being downloaded, and the size of the map download.
    Here are a few factors that affect map download speed:

    • One of them is how fast the server that the map is hosted on can respond. If maps aren't hosted by Gaia GPS, there isn't really anything we can do to speed that up.
    • In addition to that, the server that hosts the map will likely be caching popular tiles -- that means if you're downloading maps in a less popular region, they won't download as fast as some other areas of the same map!
    • Please also note that the speed you're seeing in the app reflects the actual speed it is being written to disk -- so it will never be the same speed as your internet connection.

    Here are a few things you can do:

    • Map downloads require the app to be in the foreground on iOS. Don't switch to another app or turn your screen off. If you do, it will pause the downloads. For a large download, try leaving the app in the foreground, connected to wifi, and plugged in overnight. 
    • Map downloads will be paused on Android if the app is fully closed. Make sure the app is running in the background. For a large download, try leaving it connected to wifi and plugged in overnight.
    • Turn on auto-resume so that map downloads will automatically resume if app is closed. Tap Settings > Map Download > Toggle on Auto-resume
    • We have noticed sluggishness in the app with large numbers of tiles. The app checks to see what tiles are already downloaded before downloading maps, so the more tiles you have, the longer this process takes. If there are maps you don't need on your device, you can archive them with these steps: Archiving, Unarchiving, and Recovering Lost Data. This will reduce the tile count on your device and may help speed up the downloads.
    • You might find Gaia Topo to be a faster download. We host that source. It's mobile-optimized and takes up less space on your device.
    • The higher the zoom, the larger the download size and the longer the download takes. Try reducing the zoom to just what you need.
    • If you are using an SD card to store maps, try downloading it to the internal storage first and then change the root folder to the SD card.

    If you continue to experience trouble with slow downloads, please contact Support here and let us know what source you are trying to download.

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