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    one other side note. Gaia slope angle is definitely superior to caltopo, I say this based on actual field comparisons between the two. At least here in Colorado, Gaia slope shading does a much better job of showing the real life angle of terrain both specifically and generally. caltopo shading seems to seriously underestimate the overall angles.   

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    I agree with your points and would add two more:

    5. Ability to easily and directly import geo referenced pdf maps.

    6. Ability to download all data within any folder in gpx format for backup and use in other programs.  Not track by track, but one operation for a complete folder.



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    Kristin McLane

    Hey ya'll, thanks for all the feedback.
    We do have feature requests already filed for the ideas mentioned here, so I'm adding your votes to them. 
    I want to note that there were some sync improvements for the Watch built into version 2022.1 so make sure you have the most up-to-date version installed.
    @snell, you are already able to download a folder and its contents as one GPX file. Here's how:

    Please contact Support if you have any questions:

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