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    I HAVE HARD RESET BOTH THE IPHONE 12 and the Apple Watch 7.  I drew a new route because the help site says old ones won't transfer (yet).  My watch says it is connected to the phone.  WiFi and Bluetooth are on for both.  All my software is up-to date on both. When I press Navigate on the watch it says "no routes to show."  When I press the three dots for the new route on the phone, the "send to watch" says "not reachable."  There must be something else (?)

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    Jim Margolis

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out.
    You will see the "unreachable" message if the Watch app is not open or if the Watch is not connected to your phone. Make sure Gaia GPS is open with the screen illuminated on both your phone and the Watch and try again.
    If that doesn't work, open the Watch app, tap Navigate from the home screen, and then try sending the Route again from the phone.
    To keep your screen on longer, I recommend changing these settings:

    • For Series 5 and Series 6 Watches: set your Display to “Always On”: Watch Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Always On
    • On earlier Watch models: change your Wake Screen settings: Watch Settings -> General -> Wake Screen -> Wake for 70 Seconds

    If you have any further questions, please contact Support here.

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    I've done all that Jim, still doesn't work. Just went with WorkOutDoors instead, their software just works.

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