Way points not saving to folders and show/hide is buggy




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    I'm noticing some issues since the last update as well. 

    Working within the Android app, I was excited to see we could change the pin icons, but as I was editing them, I noticed that some were still in folders while others were not...adding them to folders doesn't seem to take, like you said.

    I also noticed that all my notes for my waypoints were gone...and I take some extensive notes, so I was quietly hoping they'd magically re-associate with the next update and they weren't somehow lost to the ether permanently. But doing some editing in the desktop version, I noticed that my notes are still there, so...yay?

    I also noticed that every waypoint I changed the icon for while in the Android app was now showing as a duplicate in the desktop program. My fancy icon waypoints have no notes and no folder references, but my old red pin icons have all notes and folder references. 

    At this point I'm hesitant to make any further changes until they patch whatever broke in the last update...

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    Hey there,

    This issue is likely resolved in version 2021.7 of the app which is currently in beta testing.

    You can get access to this version by joining the beta program.  Here's how:

    Alternatively, you can wait until this release makes it through beta testing.  It is likely that it will be officially released sometime next week.

    If you continue to have any issues after updating to version 2021.7, please contact Support here so we can take a closer look.

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