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    Hello Farzad:

    I'm pretty sure that GAIA's Topo map layer doesn't provide that information and I don't think it should.  Conditions change rapidly on remote tracks and I don't see how any national (or worldwide) mapping source could survey and keep up with that information.

    Then there's the fact that we all varying in our driving skills and a track that you could confidentially traverse in your two wheel drive might get me stuck in my 4x4 if I'm a poor driver.

    For many areas there are published guide books that rate of the available tracks.  I often use online forums, asking folks who've recently visited, land management agencies, and satellite imagery when I'm trying to decide if a particular track is one I want to try.  I also like exploring to see what the unknown road is like and try to provide myself time and fuel to back track if I encounter a section where I wouldn't be confident, or a locked gate!


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    Hi Howard.

    I totally agree that nobody can tell how a track is changing over time. onX has a feature where it rates the trails by various features such as the biggest step you may encounter and how wide the trail is and which kind of vehicle it is suitable for. They even have a feature where you can select tracks based on the vehicle which can be a dirt bike, an ATV, a lifted truck and an overlander. I subscribed to onX because of that but unfortunately it lacks in so many other areas compared to Gaia that I have decided to abandon onX and I am in search of other data sources on trail conditions and difficulty levels.

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    Hey @Farzad_K,

    Currently, trail and road difficulty (based on terrain) is not available.

    However, I recommend checking out the MVUM (USFS) and USFS Roads and Trails overlays to determine what vehicles are permitted on specific roads/trails.

    For example, here is a description of 10S101 in the Inyo National Forest:

    You can learn more about these layers here:​

    If you have any other questions, please contact Support here.

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