Should I upgrade my 5 year membership to premium?




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    You might want to check out this page for more details 

    But if you have a paid five year membership, as I do, I'm pretty sure you still have access to the full feature set. The difference, as the linked FAQ points out, is between FREE and the newly named Premium memberships. Here's a pertinent FAQ

    What happened to the standard Membership?

    Prior to April 2021, we had two levels of annual subscription, Membership and Premium Membership. Now, you can only buy a Premium Membership.

    The Membership benefits were:
    1. Access an extensive map catalog of over 50 base maps that span worldwide topo, road, and satellite maps.
    2. Download maps for offline use (note that downloading layered maps requires a Premium Membership)
    3. Print maps from

    If you currently have a Membership, nothing will change for you.  You'll still be able to access the old Membership-level sources, download maps, and print.


    Hopefully, our five year memberships will last the full five years and there won't be some weird change that nullifies them in some way or degrades them down below "premium" level membership.

    One imagines that a certain holding company isn't stoked about the long term, locked in price five year memberships and after poking around, I don't see them offered anymore. Just this "premium" membership but I didn't look too hard.

    Obviously, should a Gaia employee comment directly on this post regarding memberships, their policy statements trump (sorry) mine.

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    Melanie Wilson

    Hey @Paul,

    The Premium Membership allows you to access an additional 200 map sources such a NatGeo Trails Illustrated & Private Land (US).  It also gives you the ability to layer maps.

    Your current membership level gives you access to around 50 base maps and allows you to download a single-layer map for offline use. @5stone the same is true for you.

    If you have any other questions, please contact Support here.

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