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    When recording tracks, the app is fed all the raw location data gathered by the GPS chip on your device. From there, an algorithm filters out inaccurate points, and then averages the GPS points in groups, and then adjusts the ascent/descent number as you travel. It is likely that other apps use a different algorithm, so this might be part of the reason for discrepancies.

    • Your device's GPS strength has a large effect on how well your elevation change is recorded.  This article discusses that and some other reasons why you may see a discrepancy in recorded tracks: Why GPS Track Recording Can Be Inaccurate
    • If you are seeing strange elevation stats while actively recording a track, you can check your GPS signal strength by following these steps: Displaying Current GPS Accuracy

    If you have any further questions, please contact Support here.

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    Hi Gaia Team,
    I've read this 'explanation' of different algorithm multiple times from the Gaia Team. Unfortunately this seems to be nothing more than a bad excuse for not looking into this in more detail.
    Interesting enough, like share already in at least one other thread, multiple times for the last 3 years, Gaia is properly tracking the GPS and elevation information. The elevation profile in Gaia is correct. Just by 'looking' at that profile you can see that Gaia is doing something wrong when counting ascent/descent. When exporting data from Gaia and importing it into other tools, the sum of elevation differences is also calculated correct. "ONLY" the ascent/descent calculation in Gaia GPS is WRONG!
    I just completed a hike with 421ft accumulated elevation gain, and 200+ ft elevation difference. Gaia GPS reports an ascent of 238 ft.
    I love this app, and I've a paid license. Can Gaia please take this issue serious and fix it?!

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    I confirm when a track is recorded with Gaia, the ascent/descent calculation is too hight. When the Gaia track is imported into other tools (visorando, gpx-viewer, AllTrails, ...) the ascent/descent calculation in these tools is right. Similarly, when a track recorded by these tools is imported in Gaia, the ascent/descent calculation in Gaia is much higher than in the other tools. The issue seems to be with ascent/descent calculation in Gaia.

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