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    Chris Hill

    Hey Sewbad, 

    This is an interesting request. If I understand correctly, you'd like a layer that obscures the roads and trails so you can see the roadless/trailless areas more easily? Kind of the inverse of the current roadless/trailless layer?

    If so, I imagine the public tracks overlay could function similarly to this for you. It works like a heatmap to show you where the most popular roads and trails are. So you could use this as an overlay and look in areas with low 'heat'. 

    Here's an example with roadless/trailless: 

    And the same area with the public tracks layer: 

    You can enable the public tracks layer by following the first couple of steps here: Add Public Tracks to your Account

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    Thanks Chris - Yes I believe you are understanding correctly. I've always used that layer to find places that don't have roads/trails rather than places I can easily get to. I think that's why most people use those layers and I think the inverse would just be a lot more useful. 

    Thanks for the tip about the public tracks.

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