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    Chris Hill

    Hey Andrew,

    1. We are working on some things in this area. I don't have details for you yet, but it is something we're looking into.

    2. Snap-to-trail is only available for trails showing on Gaia Topo (feet or meters). Trails on other map sources may not be supported.

    3a. Maps cannot download while in the background on iOS. Please leave the app open while downloading maps.

    3b. Some sources can be downloaded simultaneously. The app will download up to 4 maps at a time, optimizing for speed. It's faster than downloading each one individually.

    3c. You can view your maps in the Saved menu. Saved > filter for Maps. If any of your maps are greyed out, they are not yet downloaded. Tap them, then select "resume download" to start them manually.

    • Or if you have auto-resume enabled, you'll see that your maps resume downloading automatically when you launch the app. You can check on your active downloads here:

    4. You can create a waypoint from a route by tapping and route node and then the pencil. More info here: Create, Edit, and Measure Routes

    5. You can't see distance from one waypoint to another along a route, but Guide Me will give you some of these features: Using Guide Me - Get Guidance to and along a Track, Route or Waypoint

    6. Snap-to-waterway is not available. Sorry about that.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact support.

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