Folders and Files behavior is "different"



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    Sorry for the confusion.

    These article will show you how the folder system works:

    We are planning a large overhaul of the folder system to make it more similar to how they work on a PC, but I don't have a timeline on when it will be finished. 

    You can restore archived files with these steps: Archiving, Unarchiving, and Recovering Lost Data

    If you have any further questions, please contact Support here.

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    +1 folders is a mess! ...and the fact that routes/waypoints/tracks are all separate.

    please provide a basic folder tree view with side-by-side "file" pane (for tracks/waypoints/photos/sub-folders/etc.) and let us organize *anything* into those subfolders however we want. 

    would be nice to also have a "filter" at the top to multi-select which types of assets to show (i.e. only tracks, waypoints, etc. or "all"). 

    also really want to be able to create a new folder at the beginning of a "trip" and have all recorded tracks, waypoints, photos, etc. save to the selected folder from that point on... but that's a somewhat separate feature request i guess.

    thanks in advance to any effort you can give to cleaning up and standardizing the folders feature in both versions of the app and the website!

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    The file structure in Gaia is enough to make ones head explode.  Don't even try to organize folders in a PC, it's just about impossible.  I will give you an example. On a pc you click on the Gaia symbol under your login name and select Folders, as all I want to see is my folders, but no, you see a list that comes up on your screen that has every gps track, waypoint and other areas on the left, and you see all the folders on the right hand side, so instead of wanting to just look at folders you see everything. And don't try to move anything, as the only choice you have is to "file to folder", so then it files to a folder but just copies it, not moving it.  You have a little more success on a Ipad, but save yourself a lot of headaches and don't try to make sense of Gaia on a pc.  Gaia could make this so much better.

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