Please add UTM grid overlay to Android



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    I totally agree with Harald Walther on this request.

    I am a mountaineering instructor for the Colorado Mountain Club and the use of the UTM coordinate system is something that we incorporate into our land navigation classes.  With everyone using some sort of GPS these days, we want to be able to help our students and new instructors understand the use of the UTM system so that they can move back and forth between paper maps and their GPS.

    If UTM lines are available on the iOS version of the app, then it should be pretty straight forward to make the modifications to the Android app to support UTM as well.

    Thanks for hopefully adding this as a "Planned" item on the Android app.

           Joe Preiss


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    Hello Android developers at Gaia, 

    There are so many Android phone users who deserve the same great and convenient features available on the iOS version of the same app.  Please make the features consistent across the platform. 

    Is there any special reason why you guys didn't want such features available to the Android users? 

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    I vote too for android view, especially for teams. If you don't want to make UTM for phone at least make it printable, Aweful printing options and besides , you can't make the grid been printed unless the targeted zone and if so if you zoom or unzoom, this doesn't refresh the content, so everything is set for printing options for a4 paper.

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