Certain roads shown on USFS 2016 MVUM map are shown on Gaia GPS but do not snap-to-track



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    Jim Margolis


    Snap to trail only works with trails that appear on Gaia Topo. 

    Gaia Topo, as well as several other sources in the app, are based on OpenStreetMap data, an Open-source and public mapping project.

    You can actually contribute to OSM in order to add trails and features to the map. Read more about this and find instructions here: Contribute to OpenStreetMap

    If you decide to contribute any updates to OpenStreetMap, you'll see the changes in Gaia GPS in two to three weeks.

    In the meantime, when creating a route over trails that aren't displayed on Gaia Topo, your best bet is to use the straight-line routing tool. 

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    Thanks much, Jim. After I've driven the roads in question I'll contribute the result to OSM. 

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