on IOS 13 I can’t select Gaia in open with suggestions



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    Chris Hill

    Hey @fkersten, 

    We've been working on a fix for this over the past few releases. It's solved for many people, but it sounds like it's still not working completely for everyone. 

    Will you try these steps to verify for me? 

    1. tap the .gpx file in your Mail

    2. tap the share button

    3. you should see the Gaia GPS icon with "Copy to Gaia GPS" underneath

    4. if you don't, scroll all the way right and tap "...More" 

    5. Select Gaia GPS from this list

    6. if you see it here, tap "Edit" to add Gaia GPS to your "Favorites"


    If you're still not seeing the app in either of these lists, shoot us an email so we can take a closer look. 



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