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    Chris Hill

    Hey there, 

    The only way to have a photo tied to a track is by taking it while you're recording from the same device. 

    More info here: Take or Add a Picture

    But I recommend you add this track and these waypoints to a folder: Managing Folders in iOS

    This will allow you to see the track and waypoints all in the same place.

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    Yes, you can add your pictures to an existing track by following these steps:

    1. On your iPad, follow these steps to Back-up and Sync Your Data to the Web
    2. On your iPhone, follow the same steps to sync your account
    3. This will allow you to access the track on your iPhone: View Saved Data (Track, Waypoint, Route, Map)
    4. Finally, on your iPhone, follow these steps to add your photos to your saved track: Take or Add a Picture

    This seemed to work but I had to limit my import to 15 pics at a time and two of 50 are placed on the wrong spot on the map.

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    Melanie Wilson

    Hey hwholmes,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Please email with the names of the photo waypoints that are in the wrong spot so I can take a closer look.

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