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    Hi there, 
    Currently, there isn't a control available to sort the contents of a folder on the website. Sorry about that!

    You are able to sort the content of a folder in the app by:

    • Open the app> Saved> Tap the filter icon in the top left> Folders
    • Tap the 3 dots in the top right> Select an option next to Sort By> Done
    • Tap a folder and the content will be sorted by your selected option
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    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for the info! It would be great if having that ability on the website could be in a future update. It's much easier to organize things on the website than in the app. I've experienced the app crashing when trying to do certain things, usually involving expanding the maps. I haven't had any issues with the website.

    Appreciate the help! GAIA GPS has definitely upped my hiking game. :)

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    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to choose to sort some folders by date on the website. I have some folders of tracks that I'd like sorted by date, and others organized by name / title. On the website, the tracks in these folders appear in a random order.  

    It would also be nice to choose which folders you want organized by date vs. name in the app in the app and on the website etc. On the app, if you choose sort by date, they're all sorted by date.  - Mark

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    Now it's 9/22. Still hoping to see alphabetical sorting in a folder created on the GAIA website.

    Thank You

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