Integrate Gaia with GPS2IP to allow for non-gps devices (iPad WIFI) to run Gaia


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    After some testing with a packet sniffer. I determined that after creating a hotspot between my iPad WIFI and my cellular iPhone, I was able to send GPS coordinates from GPS2IP app in my iPhone to my iPad.

    For the packet sniffer, I used an app called ‘Packet sender’. Here are the specs to replicate the test:

    My iPad’ IP address was:

    My iPhone IP address was:

    Using ‘Packet Sender’ app, I was able to send packets back and forth between the iPhone and the iPad using UDP protocol and port 56635.

    Then, I setup GPS2IP in ‘UDP Push’ for ‘Connection Method’ and ‘Hotspot’ for ‘Network Selection’.

    In GPS2IP, the UDP push was setup to and port 56635. Then, ‘Packet Sender’ in my iPad started to receive the GPS coordinates from GPS2IP with no problems.

    If you setup a couple of fields in Gaia app to listen for GPS coordinates at a specific IP, and Port using UDP protocol, then, we (folks with iPad WIFI) will be able to use our iPad only WIFI devices to run Gaia and receive the GPS coordinates from our phones using GPS2IP for iPhone and I believe there is similar app for Android called GPS Share which does the same as GPS2IP.

    We just need to be able to setup a listening IP/Port through UDP protocol to send the GPS coordinates from the iPhone using GPS2IP to our iPads.

    Thanks for considering this potential solution!


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