Trace trail path to determine distance to destination




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    Having distance markers like iOS would be a great help too...  So many requests have been made already...

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    Chris Hill

    Hey @ejenkins3710 and @jpurdy, 

    Thanks for posting and for your feedback. @ejenkins3710 I organized your questions below:

    "it would be nice to trace the trail we are on to see the actual distance"

    It sounds like creating a route is what you're looking for. Create a Route on

    Use hiking mode so that your route will snap to the trail. Just make sure you're connected to wifi or cell service when you do this. 

    Use the Guide Me tool (Using Guide Me - Get Guidance to and along a Track, Route or Waypoint) to follow this route and it will trace the full curvature of the route, including any switchbacks. 

    "it would be nice to use my trail tracking details to update trail maps"

    You can do this by contributing to OSM in order to add trails and features to the map. Read more about this and find instructions here: Contribute to OpenStreetMap

    This will update any map sources based on OpenStreetMap data, an Open-source and public mapping project. Gaia Topo, Outdoors, OpenHikingMap HD, and a handful of others. 

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