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    I'd like to second this request.  Even if it were simply the ability on the Routes or Tracks List view to toggle all items' visibility on or off.  Then, the user could toggle back on only the route he or she wished to have active. 

    This is different than turning Routes or Tracks Visibility On or Off - that method turns off ALL routes or ALL tracks, including the one the user wants to see.

    The way I think the OP and I would like to see is simply a means to toggle all routes off and then viewing one exclusively - (or more than one). 

    Here's what I imagined (but I think the OP's idea is much more well-thought-out):

    Again, the above suggestion is different than turning Route/Track visibility On or Off.

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    You could put all tracks for an area in a folder. Than you can choose to hide that folder. I do this and it works well. 

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