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    Hey Scott, 

    Can you try:

    1. Check you are connected to WiFi
    2. Open the app> Settings> Account> Tap Last Sync to force a sync

    Leave the app open while the sync is processing. If you are still having trouble, please click here to contact support directly so we can take a closer look at your account?

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    Bryan Parke

    Having this trouble lately.  I have a shared folder with my friend, when he adds items to the folder, the sync ends up showing 'sync incomplete'.  He is using app > Settings > Account and tapping Last Sync, the sync starts, then it says 'sync incomplete'  He is on WiFi when doing this.

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    Chris Hill

    Hi there,

    If you're experiencing a "sync incomplete" message in the app, please try this:

    From your device, please open this email and copy and paste the following link into Safari:



    It should launch Gaia GPS and start a sync. When finished, it should show the current time next to Last Sync, but depending on how much data is syncing, it could take a few minutes.

    If you still have issues after that, please send your device logs to the Support team so they can take a close look. Please indicate that you're experiencing an incomplete sync in your message. 

    You can send your logs by following these steps: Open Gaia GPS > Settings > Other > Send Logs 

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