Offline routing with ios



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    Marc Pinchart

    This will be a great feature
    Just for info and motivation, ViewRanger had already implemented this feature and it is working fine:
    - list of the local track and map available to be load to the watch
    - 1s refreshing of the position
    - multi zoom level
    - warnings notice when you leave the track
    - full screen map
    - easy move of the map with finger

    The offline map on the watch surround the track and is available for any other new track within this area

    I hope Gaia will react to this great feature
    I just tried again the actual map feature of Gaia on watch and it is simply not working

    Any way, Gaia still my favorite app for hiking
    Gaia is really more user friendly than ViewRanger, and had the main great feature: Folder


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    Would very much like to see this added.

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