A map source/layer of amature radio repeaters



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    Hey, I was thinking the same thing the other day. Couldn't find anything like that but thought that was a good idea. When I saw your post I decided to try making a map "layer" (waypoints reallly). Got the data for repeaters and started creating the map file. Just did it for the Western US, I'm sure there are a couple of gaps here but here it is:


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    Nice work. I spend most of my time on the East coast. Seems to me there should be a way to take the data put out by Repeater Book and plot it on a map. I doubt it would be very difficult for the Gaia Team to do either. It would require regular updates to stay current because repeaters come and go and change hands regularly.

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    I wonder how often they really change though.
    The way I did this was pretty straightforward but cost me a bit of money. I subscribed to rfinder and just keep entering areas with a 90-mile radius, exported the csv file setup for different areas and just made a long spreadsheet by copying and pasting. Then formatted the cells to organize the data how I wanted. Imported that to Google Earth and exported as KML file into Gaia.
    But yeah, it would be amazing if either rfinder or Gaia did a layer with regular updates.

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