Converting Tracks to Routes



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    I’d agree but I’m coming from a slightly different perspective. I import someone else’s track. To me that’s a route as I’ve not traveled it. I use others tracks for my planning therefore to me they are routes. I’d be nice if they could be classified as routes in my app.

    Also the ability to mass hide or view tracks, routes etc across all folders would be nice.  Say I’m viewing all my data and I want to quickly restrict it to just tracks  

    Of course the ability to have the same data in multiple folders would be nice as well as smart folders. A folder for tracks for example regardless of how many other folders the same data might be in. Are these called virtual folders?  Similar to photo albums?

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    Hey, @travel32911...

    Can you explain how you've done it so far? It sounds like you've got it working, albeit through a very clunky import/export/import process.

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    I'll second this. It would be really nice to have that ability.


    I would also be curious to hear about how you did the export/import. 


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