Gps Centering



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    Disagree. For me, to see where I was coming from is as important as where I'm headed. So placing me in the center of the screen is exactly what I would expect. This offset position could be a switch / option, though personally I wouldn't care about it.

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    For me it is a non issue since it is so easy to touch the screen and pan in any direction.

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    I have been meaning to write in about this same thing so happy to comment on this thread.

    I agree with the OP and would like to see this offset feature in both portrait and landscape views.  

    When navigating via any means but particularly in a vehicle you are usually more concerned with what lies ahead than behind.  Moving the vehicle icon to the bottom third allows more visibility to upcoming geography and as speed increases the increased foresight is particularly valuable when zoomed-in.

    This is standard behaviour on Garmin gps units.

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    Add the option with the ability to toggle between the two.

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    Toby Ovod-Everett

    I mentioned this on the bearing line feature request, but I'll add an upvote here as well.  I'd vote for three options - halfway, 1/3rd, and 1/4th.  Especially when in "double-triangle" mode - in that mode, if I need to see where I came from, I can just turn the phone around!

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