Android: GaiaGPS using data plan



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    I'm sorry Gaia GPS started using your data plan to load maps. Setting your phone to airplane mode will ensure that the app does not use data while in use on both Android and iOS.

    Apple devices have an additional setting that allows you to control if an app can use cellular data:

    • Open your phone's settings app> Scroll down to Gaia GPS> Toggle off 'Cellular Data'

    Unfortunately, Android devices don't have a setting to turn off apps from using data while in the foreground. You can either run Gaia GPS in Airplane mode or download a 3rd party app that prevents apps from using data.

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    Thanks for the tip. I was not aware of all that :-( I tinkered with Airplane, and now feel familiar. I moved an airplane icon to my status bar to make it easier. However, it occurs to me that this also kills my phone, which is not such a good idea.

    So I looked into 3rd party solutions, and found a lot of discussion on the web. Apparently there is a lot of interest in such a feature. I installed NetGuard, but will need some time to evaluate. Thanks for point me there.

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